The Adams Kitchen

The Adams' provided us with a sketched idea of their perfect kitchen, which we closely followed to design and make this extraordinary family space. Going against our usual conventions, this kitchen stands on exposed feet rather than sealed behind a plinth. As well as the kitchen units we incorporated an under-stairs storage solution to house the freezer and act as a larder. They also commissioned us to design a unique extendable table so they are able to host their large family and all their friends, at once!

Cabinet Construction - Birch plywood | Worktop - HiMacs White
Door Finish - Coloured laminate & European oak veneer | Appliances - Siemens

Client Comments

As soon as I walked into the coffee shop Stanley and Romona (another Wood and Wire designed interior) I knew I had found the people I needed to make our kitchen.
Jim and Tim brought our kitchen plan to life with their style and found solutions to particular details that we were keen to have.
I wanted our kitchen to be as much about the furniture as it is about its functionality and Wood and Wire achieved that.
Their design of our kitchen table works brilliantly in the space we have and the whole kitchen enhances the fabric of our lives! Thank You Wood and Wire

The Adams